A Hotel in the Historic Centre of Tarifa

A Hotel in the Historic Centre of Tarifa

A Hotel in the Historic Centre of Tarifa is a challenge. Far from dwelling on the difficulties of constructing a new building in the historic centre, the task was of great interest to us.

The owners were very clear about what they wanted, and the architectural study defined very well the lines of work and materials for the construction of a Hotel in the Historic Centre of Tarifa. There was a bit of “on the fly” but nothing that unbalanced the race against the clock entailed by a project with a well defined start and (also) finish date.

Tarifa, is seated on a hillside, a stone promontory that has done its job in saving it from seawater and some of its assailants, but when it comes to making foundations, it requires extra work as the stone cutting is a difficult job. And this was the case.

Another of the peculiarities of construction in Tarifa, above all when it comes to properties that are integrated into the physiognomy of an ancient city like this, is that the buildings are practically resting against each other, with two houses sharing a dividing wall. Safety comes first and demands an action in these cases, the reinforcement of walls or the setting back of new walls that only support the building under construction.

The singularity of ancient constructions should be known by those of us who dedicate ourselves to both new builds and restorations, and this has been a premise that has made our company a pioneer, these days a leader, in construction and restoration.

Knowing our roots helps us to maintain the tree of tradition. Culture, and the preservation of Patrimonial and Historical Culture are obligations which not only do we not want to give up, we want to promote.

Building regulations in the historic centre:

  • Special plan for Protection and Interior Reform of the Historic Group of Tarifa, Cádiz (PePrICH Tarifa) [DESCARGAR]
  • A Hotel in the historic centre of Tarifa [Hotel Kook]
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