Microcement is a material which consists of a fine dust of cement and resin. Its application should be carried out by specialists who will achieve uniformity, smoothness and colour which can, and should be demanded.

One of the many uses of microcement is due to its capacity for continuity, without expansion joints, and that it is mouldable at the customer’s discretion. It is great for worktops including sinks, bathtubs and all types of surfaces and forms imaginable. The inclusion of resin as a fixative and sealing element achieves fixation and strength in an almost eternal combination.

It is not necessary to cut or roughen to apply it well, because it manages to adhere itself to any previously prepared surface.

Generally applied in a three millimetre thickness, without distinguishing between damp or dry zones.


Although it is widely used for floors, it has innumerable uses, because as we said before it can be applied on any surface: walls, ceilings, shelves, bathtubs, sinks… with the unique secrets of experience and professionalism of those who apply it, and who will also complete the application polishing by hand or by machine.

At Craft House Builders we are experts on microcement and its application. Our Our technicians have done the courses that accredit them as certified applicators, a guarantee that must be demanded when taking on a job. Our company gives a guarantee and solutions.

Choose your colour: there is no limit other than the result. Along with our expert you can create the tone that you desire, subsequently topped by the sealant varnish available in matt, satin or gloss.



As it is a completely manual craft process, the colours are indeterminate and after application may vary slightly. For this reason, after finding the formula of the mixture with the colour, the quantities should be noted so that in future applications the same tone can be achieved, or at the very least, the most similar.




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