Renovation and Sale in Tarifa, a business which is lucrative as well as dedicated

At a time when only the profit in the construction made it worth it, having had as Tarifa has, stubborn investors preserving the heritage and idiosyncrasy of the city, is something to be grateful for.

This article is about a property bought by its owners to be renovated, and later sold at a profit. There is a market for that, and many people know about it.

Distinctiveness, style and good taste, along with good judgement, have succeeded in making this house,which was practically a shell and with a bleak future, into a beautiful house equipped with all the comforts you can imagine.

The owners had the foresight to acquire it for a reasonable price, facing a very well-defined restoration, controlling the costs whilst not skimping has set the tone and been the guide.

Because Renovation and Sale in Tarifa is a good business, in a municipality in which homes can reach prices of up to 4,000 Euros per square metre: it’s a question of unique pieces and limited numbers.

The municipality welcomes these actions even though they sometimes end up with prices which are difficult to take on, on the other hand they bring beauty to the city, and more importantly consistency in its growth.

There are numerous buildings in the historic centre of Tarifa awaiting this injection of money and energy. Those of us who fell in love with the city appreciated its heyday. More than 300 days a year of radiant sun which shines through windows and balconies, caressing centuries-old walls which have heard verses, couplets and comparsas, many comparsas during Tarifa’s carnivals.

Renovations, like customs, must revive not only things, but also the people who form part of them.

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