A Private House Refurbished in Tarifa consists, not a new build, but of a hundred year old house which the owners want to refurbish, respecting the majority of the distinguishing features, but also incorporating new facilities that adapt to the current way of life.

The refurbishment of homes involves, in the majority of cases, the recovery of materials from the original home, the enhancement of details that have given it and will give it character, the use of manufactured designs for thick walls insulated against cold, heat and humidity.

A Private House Refurbished in Tarifa demands not only previous studies by archaeologists and architects, but also care and attention with the work carried out, and of course, a precise coordination with the technicians and knowledge of the material and the environment with which they work.

This house is the property of a foreigner who, like many others, found their haven of peace in Tarifa. Their intention right from the start was to conserve and maintain the spirit and life which the house would have had in its prime. The instructions were clear and we received our orders, which were taken on with much joy.

Craft House Builders possesses professionals almost 100% born in Tarifa, people who love what they do and where they do it. Perfect connoisseurs of the nature of, and roots of their ancestors, defenders of traditions and above all, with expert knowledge of construction materials and methods, past and present.

Knowing the peculiarities of the population makes Craft House Builders an essential ally for the discovery and development of bases which make up the essence of a town. We are proud to be who we are, and we want our clients to breathe in that energy which makes us passionate about our city: Tarifa. We want it to be yours too.

Refurbishment of the Historic Centres

La Junta de Andalucía promotes refurbishments

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